Apartment rentals in Estonia

Fantastic! Im so amazed that you provide such a gentle offer (complimentary arrival transfer) included in the rental – as the rental was such a good value for me already. It’s very convenient, and I’ve already told friends and relatives about it.

Sverre Graff, March 14, 2011

Property Owners

Property Letting & Management Services

Are You planning to invest in real estate or do You already own a property?
Are You looking for a tenant?
Don’t You have enough time to manage the property yourself?
Are You planning to leave Estonia or Latvia for a while and wish to rent out Your apartment/house?

Here is a solution – give the property under our management and we offer You:

  • effective management and administration, including maintenance and cleaning services
  • stress-free way of earning from Your property
  • possibility to use Your own apartment whenever it is available
  • monthly reports on how your apartment is doing including number of bookings gathered, earnings and costs
  • furnishing service including choosing, ordering, delivering, installing and assembling
  • professional photos of Your apartment

Ways to co-operate

Short term lets – Your apartment would be rented to tourists and business travelers staying approximately 3-4 nights.

Advantages of short term let:

  • possibility to earn more than with long term lets
  • regular inspection and cleaning of Your apartment
  • possibility to use Your own apartment whenever it is available
  • administration and problem solving is included

Medium and long term lets – Your apartment would be rented for periods starting from one month.

Advantages of medium and long term let:

  • stability in monthly income once there is a tenant in Your apartment
  • the number on tenants is much lower than in case of short term lets

Property management service – provided that You have no time to deal with day-to-day obligations and problems, i.e. taking the water and electricity readings, helping tenants staying in Your apartment, ordering repairmen when needed, monitoring payments etc You can conclude Management Service Contract with us by which we undertake to take care of the following:

  • taking care of maintenance bills
  • reporting electricity and water readings to service providers
  • dealing with possible problems accruing in the apartment
  • collecting payments from tenants

Why choose RED Group?

  • Dedicated administrators in charge of dealing with customers in a professional and friendly manner as well as keeping an eye on the state of properties under our management
  • Maintenance and cleaning team taking care of cleaning the apartments as well as minor repairs
  • Professional partners to deal with problems such as electrical breakdowns, defects of white goods, canalization congestions etc
  • Professional marketing covering wide range of media: press, web, radio and direct mail

Need to speak to a property consultant?

We have property consultants on hand to answer any questions you have about property management and letting services. Please do not hesitate to send us an email to info@redgroup.ee