Apartment rentals in Estonia

Fantastic! Im so amazed that you provide such a gentle offer (complimentary arrival transfer) included in the rental – as the rental was such a good value for me already. It’s very convenient, and I’ve already told friends and relatives about it.

Sverre Graff, March 14, 2011

Apartment Rental in the Baltics

Are you…
…visiting Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius on business or pleasure?
…between homes?
…travelling the Baltics alone, or with family, friends or a business associate?

In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania hotel accommodation isn’t the only option available. A vacation or holiday rental, a very attractive alternative to a hotel, doesn’t mean only a condo, a cottage, a villa or a farmhouse. In Baltic capital cities an apartment rental almost always enjoys some distinct advantages over a conventional hotel:
– An apartment gives you more choice, freedom, extra space and comfort
– An apartment can give you also lower per-person cost
– An apartment can give you even lower meal cost if you like

A short term apartment rental is often a more convenient and also cost effective solution. It is an attractive alternative no matter the purpose: vacation, business trip, temporary housing or relocation. It is a home away from home we could say.

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